Prayer Request

Elizabeth White, January 11, 2021 - 1:05 am

Pray for 3 yr old Sophia, my grand-daughter and her 30 yr old mother, Claire, my daughter. Pray for God's loving protection, light, wisdom, safety, salvation, and health. They left home on 11.9.20, no one has heard nor seen them since, not even at Christmas, they are missing. Pray for authorities to be able to find them to make sure they are safe. Claire left home (with her young child) with no job, little money, emotionally distraught with a history of doing drugs. Pray that she accepts Jesus in her heart and be saved. Pray for God's comfort and protection to be with Sophia. May angels watch over them, guiding them to reconcile with our family, and to have faith in God who loves us all. Thank you for your prayers.